Departure = Time + Action

I have spent the weekend mulling over the two questions Cameron and I raised in our conversation last week:

1.What characteristics of departure are we interested in exploring in our work?

2. How does departure relate to both space and place?

betsy nestle 1  Today, I am going to focus on Question #1. For me, the essence of departure boils down to both time passing and an action occurring. The complicated part is that “an action” can be physical, mental or some combination of the two. When I apply this formula to my paintings – it appears somewhat simple to capture. In fact, how does one not make a painting that includes time passing and an action? Ha! Jackpot! All painting is defined by time and action. However- I am not interested in coughing up another Jackson Pollock (no offense). When I dig into the question of how to manifest the experience of time and action in my work I am more interested in creating transparent layers and edges of forms that suggest movement and interaction. This endeavor is not an easy task, but one that I find delightfully challenging! I began to build transparent layers in two paintings today using both acrylic and gouache. They work has a long way to go…time and action. TIME and action.

betsy_air and water interaction 1


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